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Between the Lines

Posted on 14 December 2020 by Iain under Thinking Out Loud

Between the Lines

The deafening silence of stagnant waves
The steady flow of liquid steel
The zen-like rush of cowardly braves
The truth you can’t touch, but still, feel

The darkest light glows inside out
The stillness in a summer breeze
Unspoken words, where a look can shout
The shock that causes a fevered freeze

Art is the inner world brought to the out
A juxtaposition of colour and light
The silence of words and their power to shout
Fast passage of slow time turning day into night

The balance of full over empty
The counting of more versus less
Acquaintances options aplenty
The reality of truth to address

Make love the priority always
Make its truth the honour you keep
Make tomorrow the greatest of all days
Make its value the tears that you weep

Our world is not just that which we see
But completely how we choose to perceive
Open your truth and seek just to be
And the feeders will never deceive

The power you possess is essential
The echo you leave is of peace
Your presence is just reverential
The joy of your memories will never cease

Tomorrow is offered not promised
Today is awarded not won
The sleepers are often admonished
Moon lovers may oft miss the sun

Even though your gift is for giving
Having it taken is not the same thing
The goal of your gift is for living
Like the songbird whose goal is to sing

Mark the moments you gather your travellers
Balancing Sensei and Seito as needed
Recognise and push away all unravellers
Acceptance of truth is conceded

Yesterday was taken not borrowed
Our history a record of actions
The past will have scatterings of sorrows
As well as some guilt, amongst its distractions

Your future is a promise of could be
Your will a determination of hope
Your reality an emergence of will be
Your strength the ability to cope

Dream big so you manifest your soul
Sleep deep so you refill your power
Stay true so you can remain whole
Trust time such that you fill every hour

Tomorrow is hoped for not certain
Today could be wasted or spent
Yesterday retreats behind past life’s curtain
This moment is yours just to rent

This instant is where I’ve been leading
This second my goal all along
The mind I have touched is now reading
The lyrics to my own soul’s song

The melody in my head is not needed
For the rhythm, you must look for the signs
I trust that my message will be heeded
For to hear it, you must read between the lines.

© Iain Merchant 2020

One thought on “Between the Lines”

  1. Chris Frank says:

    …every verse so enriching…

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