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Cave of Hope

Posted on 8 December 2020 by Iain under Thinking Out Loud


Rocks that formed when time began
Nestled together they arch to span
the entrance to this natural cave
To its hope, you are a prisoner
and its beauty you are a slave

No footprints lay upon the sand
No markings left by human hand
Only nature’s forces take their toll
The only visits made here are by the soul

The path is well hidden, to the many that’s true
But the path is well-trodden by those special few

who seek until they find

A place unspoiled by man’s dark touch
This sightless vision in their mind.

The view from here is what you see
Not just what is there to be seen, Island, Boat or Sea
Do not go there seeking company
Go there to be with thee

Do not ask me for directions
For your path is not as mine

A gentle inner walk

Only pure desire will find your route
It’s to your soul that you must talk

All visitors here arrive alone
And leave the way they came
soul replenished, new and bright

The well of true-life force will never run dry
for here all darkness is light

Those of you who know this place
Will know me too when you see my face
As through the windows of my soul, I know you too

So don’t stumble, fall or falter
When life’s path is hard to tread
or blindly in the darkness grasp & grope,

Just look inside to the one true path
And meet me in the cave of realised hope

© Iain Merchant 2001

One thought on “Cave of Hope”

  1. Chris Frank says:

    …the journey of discovery…

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