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Clarity in the Eye of the Storm

Posted on 15 December 2020 by Iain under Thinking Out Loud

Clarity in the Eye of the Storm

Unmentioned feelings gather to confuse
Wasted moments of sacred contact
Prayer like focus in the soul of the heart

Meaning is all

Tomorrow is to be decided by action and fate
Kismet cannot be underestimated, avoided, or ignored
Today is directed by your heart
Yesterday is an echo of your truth

Paths are chosen

Connections are rare
Often fleeting
Rarely solid
The treasure of the soul

The definition of certainty





Power exists in combinations

The world is on fire
Both fuelled and cooled by the winds
Flames destroying and cleansing
A furnace of fear

The shimmering haze of honesty

Visions of beauty and hope
The soul’s calm in connections
Manifesting dreams
Painting our perceptions of tomorrow

Clarity is pristine

The juxtaposition of chance & destiny
The correlation of causation & coincidence
The examination of subconscious intervention
The investigation of desire, hope, & determination

You are connected to your true path

The hint of a promise unspoken
The aroma of a synchronistic soul
The audible ability of your heart
The texture of truth as you feel it settle

One, need not be singular

The language of life in the eyes of the speaker
The dialect of truth in the heart of the listener
The grammar of intent in the space between the words
The words in the real language of the world

Namaste… I see you

The alchemy of connected souls
The coalescence of kindred spirits
The amalgamation of minds
The unification of thought

Ego intellego te – I understand you

The exquisitely unpleasant pain of absence
The deafening inert silence of solitude
The multitude of insistent voices in the void
The cacophony of visions in the cinema of the soul

Nos quidem alligati sunt in anima – we are connected in the soul

Elasticity of time displays in both presence and absence
Abolition of time in the unspoken truth
Preservation of time in the memories of all
Creation of time in imagined tomorrows

Reality and experience are subjective truths

A maelstrom of possibilities on the journey to home
A Whirlwind of chaotic wrong turns in the search to be whole
A beating of sharp rain to face of the seeker
The calm is in the heart for those brave enough to stay the course

As with all things, the truth is in the eye

© Iain Merchant 2020

One thought on “Clarity in the Eye of the Storm”

  1. Chris Frank says:

    …such unrest in the human form…

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