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Harvest of the Mind

Posted on 9 December 2020 by Iain under Thinking Out Loud


I have a place, my real cave
A reservoir of water deep
Where stood alone I think of you
My other life in restful sleep

My thoughts take wings and fly the wind
That carries all my heart to you
The angels of the mind fly well
Their truth so pure, their aim so true

With time always insufficient
And place always too far
Breathe deep the breeze that carries my heart
as you stand in your cave afar

You reached in and you touched my soul
The sensation pure, so true
If there is such a thing as a heaven on earth
I know that mine lives inside you

The rarest flower, fragile bloom
The hardest truth to find
We exchange the fruits of who we are
And reap the harvest of the mind

© Iain Merchant 1998

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