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I Choose

Posted on 28 March 2022 by Iain under Thinking Out Loud

I choose

Dreams so real, just a few seconds ago,
evaporate as I become conscious once again

The day emerges from the suffocating blanket of darkness,
which runs and distorts into shadows wherever it can

My feet begin to move to the circadian rhythms of a diurnal navigator,
and the dance begins once again

I lean into the wind of change as the road rises to meet me and
I am consistently pushed back by its force
With straining effort in all joints and face contorted by the tempest
I can at times, appear to be moving, but I am, at best, stationary!

The struggle persists

I can hear only the wind…

I can feel only the pressure…

I can see, only my own tears…

I can taste, only my fading dreams…

I can touch, only the chaotic void…

This path is so utterly draining,
I am all but spent and have no desire to dance anymore

The darkness will once more creep out from the shadows
and crush the light within its fist
Ephemeral glimpses of forgotten dreams
beckon you to return to a very different dance indeed

The dance of the dreamer, where all rhythms are recognised
and the beat is that of your heart

The delusion of the narcoleptic, where everything is possible
 and none of it requires any physical effort

The Chimeras’ of the unconscious,
whose strangeness is normal in that nocturnal oasis

Diurnal dancing depletes and diminishes, whilst nocturnal rhythms replenish and revive,
such is the juxtaposition of the two lives we live!

I have had enough of leaning into the wind, and so from today forward…

I choose to dance in the darkness and dream of the light!

See you on the other side!

© Iain Merchant 2022

One thought on “I Choose”

  1. Chris Frank says:

    …hope springs eternal…

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