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I know my way home

Posted on 4 February 2021 by Iain under Thinking Out Loud

Crumpled wrappers discarded in the gutter
Evidence of a use no longer required

A purpose served

A mission completed

A moment of significance passed

Cast away the winter coat
need dissipated in this godforsaken heat

I need you no longer

Uncertain ground feels less solid beneath
The what was declared with an immediate when
The where was defined as was the who
The how was clear but the why, not so much!

Acceptance in the silence of uncertainty

Undertaking the request with grace

Giving the green-light to the lack of something

Compliance is acquiesced without argument

Manifesting moments are a declaration of intent
Warming winter hands at the cherry red fireplace
Roasting chestnuts are the incense of home
Silence is the harmony of souls

Sands of time move so slowly through the hourglass
Movement is almost imperceptible to the eye

I move at my own speed

Wait not for me

I will find you when it is time for you to be found

Search not for me

I will draw you to me when it is time for you to find

Fear not for me

I am driven by the water and rain

Dream not of me

I see with my third eye, that which gives light to us all

You are waking

I am woken

Tomorrow will always bring us closer
Hidden in the heart of what could be
Stolen from the dreams of what might be

Strangled by the truth of what is

To be found, you must first be lost

To be lost, you must free the mind

To free the mind, you must lose the wanting

To not want, is to be complete

To be complete, is to have found ‘home’

Should you catch me in your torchlight
Know this darkness is my friend
It is my silent solace
My embrace of shadows

Whilst there is much for me to learn
There is much I already understand
Never kiss me with a lie
Simply slap me with the truth

I will assimilate in my own time and through my own filters

Embrace my soul when you speak truthfully
Parietal senses speak in light
I feel your honesty if genuine
I can sense your care & concern

Many things are said of absence
Mostly poets seeking a lesson from the pain

Absence is…

A void

A space

A truancy

A lack of…

Positive or negative are just outcomes
Results of a chosen attitude
A mental approach
A selected emotional state
A generated thinking pattern
A process of effort and decision

I choose how I am impacted by events

Cut off from the source

Uncoupled from the grid

                     Unplugged from the matrix

                               Sheltered from the breeze

                                          Shaded from the light


There is a mask

There is a reality

There is a tomorrow

There is no today

I am cleansed by the rain

I am 300

Se mi camino a casa – I know my way home

© Iain Merchant 2020

4 thoughts on “I know my way home”

  1. Chris Frank says:

    …sanctity of the soul…

    1. Iain says:

      Thank you Chris

  2. Dave says:

    Love it Iain 🕺

    1. Iain says:

      I appreciate it, Dave, thanks very much.

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