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Living on the Upbeat

Posted on 5 June 2022 by Iain under Thinking Out Loud

Living on the Upbeat

The World subjects me to murder and hate
The media tells me what opinion to hold
A daily dose of lies from morning till late
an insistence that my freedom of thought must be sold

A Caliphate here or a Marshall Law there
The choice of obedience or fear, all I’m given
Free thinking discouraged, no allegiance I swear!
And they sell it as if that’s me living

I’m not in the market for your self-serving news
I’m not buying your ‘snake oil’ lies
I’m chasing my truth instead of your blues
I choose to detest the world that you devise

Don’t bow your head or lose your heart
Don’t allow the lies to eat at your soul
Free your mind and stand apart
Clear your vision and see it whole

Rise up at last and stake your claim
You were born truly free, and should stay that way
Say ‘no more’ to those that kill and maim
Ignore the ones that try to lead you astray

Silent scream of the peaceful masses
Elected psychopathy of the ruling classes

The goal is mutually assured deception
To keep the majority of people stuck at life’s reception

Waiting for the warmongers to give the all-clear
Whilst they suck at your joy and all you hold dear

Do you realise how much profit war actually makes?
For those the create it, not for those that it takes
The TV hypnosis that makes you their slave
Wake up to reality, find your courage, be brave

We can save this world from the tyrants and liars
We can change it to match what a true heart desires
First, shake off the deception that you’ve been bought
Take ownership of the truth and your freedom of thought

So ‘NO’ to the liars that fence in your mind
Say ‘YES’ to the truth that is one of a kind

It’s time we all start living on the upbeat

© Iain Merchant 2022

One thought on “Living on the Upbeat”

  1. Chris Frank says:

    …truth is the rarest commodity of all…

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