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Posted on 14 February 2021 by Iain under Thinking Out Loud


Juxtaposition in play always
To manifest Vs it is manifest
Easy to confuse through desire
Law of attraction Vs attraction of a law

Delusion of self, a road well-travelled
Litany of self-lies raining down
Visibility impacted by closed eyes
Open hearts creating the unseen sights

Waking dreams signpost the way

Desire is a strong guide
Ambition can be a willful deceiver
Determination an honest thief
Drive, a metaphor not an instruction

Everything comes at a cost to someone

How high you climb is not the measure
How many breaths you take is not the gauge
How many came with you is worth noting
The moments that took your breath are the gift

A treasure chest of achievements or moments
choose your focus carefully, for it may blind you to all else
Achievements have moments, but moments are eternal achievements
Do you want to be remembered for, or remembered by

The arc of a life is the trajectory of the soul

True love is the rarest of flowers
Glimpsing it is a gift for few
Nurturing it, the honour of life
Recognising it, the purpose of the third eye

Speaking in the tones of the world
Intonating with the cadence of care
Inflecting adjectives to soothe the heart
resonating in the timbre of time

Viscosity of time, which slows when you’re gone

I manifest myself & I mirror my inner truth
I magnetise my soul to bring me suitable food
I am the attraction for that which I feel
My life is the screen onto which my truth is projected

Am I really impacted by what is?
Or am I impacted by my perception of what is…?
The latter is the truth of life
The former is the lie I sometimes believe

Your perception and framing are how you manifest

The law of attraction is more ‘The rules of distraction’
Self-denial of the facts is the keyholder here
To manifest, you must understand how you are manifest
The secret… It is no secret, and it never has been

The ‘hard truth’ is the title you are searching for
Blind-sided facts you hide from yourself
The whisper you ignore in the quiet moments
The page of life you try to leave unturned

The sleep you are in is deep, and the dream is bright

You pick up a book to seek answers
Yet you only look in a mirror to primp
An articulate sentence offers clues to your quest
Yet the looking glass affords you no insights

The book you need has no cover, just a frame
You are also required to look, not just see
Your true self will emulate your moves as you study
Given time your truth will reverberate through the silver

This is the only book of your truths
This is the garden of your arable soul
This is the land you need to till
This is the home of your fertility & growth

Who taught you to manifest what you want
Whilst often ignoring what you need
The well of life is not a gift shop
You are not simply passing through?

Forget the secret and live your truth
Replace attraction with chemistry
Find your mirrored book of truth and read it carefully
Decipher your truths not your dreams

Manifest who you are


what you need will find you

© Iain Merchant 2020

One thought on “Manifest”

  1. Chris Frank says:

    …life, soul, truth – deeply moving…

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