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Out of the Shadow & Into the Light

Posted on 6 December 2020 by Iain under Thinking Out Loud

       Out of the Shadow & Into the Light

                 The song of bird goes by unheard
                 The crowd may shout, hear not a word
                 The solitary world where fear resides

                 When people speak, their words unclear
                 You listen but you cannot hear
                 Panic rushes to and fro like ocean tides

                 The rage when people offer hands
                 Why is it no one understands?
                 The person they expect, you can’t provide

                 The feelings grow to silent scream
                 You can fight the sleep, but not the dream
                 You turn inward, try and find a place to hide

                 Where once was hope, now rests despair
                 Why me, why now, it’s just not fair
                 Thoughts and feelings try to mesh, but just collide

                 You look for help from those close by
                 They hear the shout, but not the cry
                 The chasm all around you seems so wide

                 When with you they’re not needed
                 And when needed, they’re not there
                 Confused feelings, stinging tears, dented pride

                 You must climb out of this chasm
                 But see no footholds for the task
                 And although a rope is lowered, it’s out of reach

                 But stretch and you can make it there
                 Though tendons scream and muscles tear
                 As the sunlight strikes your face you’re at the breach

                 One final stage, from dark to light
                 Into our day, out of your night
                 Much harder than anything that’s past

                 Set foot on ground and stand up proud
                 And you’ll hear the voices of the crowd
                 As mother nature’s solar rays dissolve the mask

                 You look around, with bright new hope
                 Amongst the owners of the rope
                 To see all of those who love you at your side

© Iain Merchant 2005

One thought on “Out of the Shadow & Into the Light”

  1. Chris Frank says:

    …powerful stuff!…

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