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Passage of the Heart

Posted on 7 December 2020 by Iain under Thinking Out Loud

Passage of the heart

The serenity of snowbound land
That speaks in silence like a lover’s hand
A vista so silent, yet shouting of life
The cold biting you’re cheeks as sharp as a knife

The animals rest in the sleep of the dead
The old and the frail stay longer in bed
The birds fly to the sun and let it’s warmth thaw their wings
Whilst lover’s make fresh tracks in the snow winter brings

The darkest of moods can be softened by white
The darkest of days take on secret light
The saddest of hearts may lift with the sight
As the chance of a God comes nearer tonight

The starkest and bleakest of snow-covered ground
Is beauty personified I’ve always found
My journey is fresh tracks right from the start
And the end of my journey is right in your heart

So wrap up warm and stand outside
Cheeks flushed and red like a nervous young bride
And look to the snow that is clean, white and pure
And listen for the sound of my strides to you’re door

For one day my darling you’ll look and you’ll see
A trail of footprints made just by me,
As they pass by, turn to see where they go
And you’ll see two sets of footprints side by side in the snow

© Iain Merchant 2005

One thought on “Passage of the Heart”

  1. Chris Frank says:

    …the winter footprints of love…

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