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She is

Posted on 24 January 2021 by Iain under Thinking Out Loud

She is

Heaven sent & earth bound
Ethereality in solid form
Present & distant simultaneously
Familiar & unknowable

Like a scent on the breeze

Planted & vaporous
Ephemeral & enduring
Transient & everlasting
Episodic & perpetual

Like a dream in the soul

Seductive & distant
Irresistible & resistible
Timely & out of time
Knowing & silent

Unutterably elusive & inexpressibly definite

Time holds no sway in the sitting room of the soul
Visitors take tea and engage in idle chatter
They are duped by their surroundings
Illusion is the mask on show
Hold the door, freeze the moment
I can no longer breathe in this chamber
I wish to leave, to take the path
Leaden legs may slow my exit
Truth must be the paradigm
Commitment, the vanguard of spirit

The door through which I leave is of the right size
Pathfinder is the spirit of my true soul
Pilgrimage is the quest of my love
Trailblazer to the visitors with tea
Distant horizon to the shoreline dwellers
Forgotten to the narcissistic leeches
For they only feed where the tables are full

The wind knows my name
Understands my storm-born nature
Feels the lightening in my fists
hears the thunder in my heart
Sees the calm in the eye of the storm

She sees me in her mind
She feels me in the sand running through her fingers
She senses my breath on her neck
She feels the breeze of my love on her lips
Her fingers entwine with mine & coalesce

Pure love requires only the souls to embrace

Moments are lifetimes in another dimension
Time is ductile & inflexible as needed
Memories of what is yet to come abound
The past is tomorrows potential for today

I am fire flowing into the waterfall of her eyes

That part of me which is eternal knows you well
Sharing our souls previously in a life yet to come
You know what is, was & will be
Just as you that which might, should & could

All condensing into the emergent now

Shake free the heavy cloak of expectancy
Tribal norms do apply to the seekers
I obey the rules I choose to agree with
not those simply designed to control weak minds

Speak into the wind and let your voice carry
Sing into the night and feel it hold your note
Shout into the void that fears your truth
Recite your soul into the pages of the world

The world has a truth hidden from so many
Observable only through soul connections
Unspoken & voluminous to its scribes
Unbridled in its passions and love

Take the path less travelled to seek communion
Walk the shaded path that is clean of prints
hear the silence that shouts your name
The whisper of “Storm-Born” will dance in your ears

Feel the rhythm of the song with no words
Sense the lyrics that appear in your mind
Syllables, tenses, cadence, and pitch
Align with the instrumental ballad of home

Chasing the diurnal moth, for dark light
Seeking the dry leaves of summer for shade
Exploring rock pools when the tide has come in
Reading the letters of love never posted

Do not wait for me where you know I will be
Wait for me where you now are, I will come
All paths must cross at a point on the line
All tomorrows will be somebody’s ancient history

Life is how you manifest your desires
How you light your pathway
How clearly you see who travels with you
How deeply you know who touches your soul

Today, take the time to remember

I am

          I can be

                               I shall be

                                                    She is…

© Iain Merchant 2020

One thought on “She is”

  1. Chris Frank says:

    …elusive, ethereal and spell-binding…

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