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Posted on 3 January 2022 by Iain under Thinking Out Loud


Language is fluid
It grows and warps with time
Common usage creates new rules

Sick became great
Bad became good
Gr8 became the norm

Reality is also fluid
You do not see the world around you as it is!
You see the world around you as you are…

Life is short, is how the saying goes
But life can seem very long at times
Perception creates your reality

Circumstances impact perception
Every cloud has a silver lining
and every silver lining is accompanied by a cloud
Tomorrow is not yet defined, as it too is fluid
You however may have already set the tomorrow you intend to experience
You may be less fluid than you once were

Circumstances can weigh heavy
Situational reality can block your view
Blinded by the present and/or recent past
Tomorrow offers a beautiful sunrise
New beginnings
New opportunities

These things are always true
But are easily hidden by the hardships that tomorrow may bring you
and the realities that you have to deal with
In these cases, tomorrow does not seem to offer any opportunities
There is no promise in the sunrise that can lift your heart
There is no sleep that replenishes, just sleep that tires you further

In the truth of the world, language needs to be honoured
words need to be both understood and utilised properly
Meaning is important and is shared through the correct use of words
Written or verbal, each word has a value to both the transmitter and the receiver

Think before you speak and choose your words with care and precision
Do you wish to understand others?
Do you wish to be understood?

Let’s do something radical!
Let’s raise the bar rather than find the lowest level through laziness
Let’s be thankful for the words and their power, and equally grateful that we have them all to choose from whenever we speak

In this and many other things I have arrived at a new location in my mind
I need to find my direction back from here
I cannot stay too long as it is not kind nor comforting
It holds me back and it drags me down
It desires me to stay, and it is powerful…

Oh to be understood and to see a helping hand reach out
To feel that sunrise on my face and in my soul
To sense the opportunities that each new day may bring
To let the light push the dark into the far recesses of my world
To wish for all this is just that, a wish, a dream, a wisp of diaphanous hope whisked away by the slightest of breezes and too ethereal for me to hold on to as it tantalisingly slips through my desperate fingers

I can find no footholds here
I can find nothing to steady me
I am in the dark and see no direction
I am rudderless and there is no breeze

I am solitary!

© Iain Merchant

One thought on “Solitary”

  1. Chris Frank says:

    …there is always light at the end of any tunnel…

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