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Strange Shorelines

Posted on 5 January 2021 by Iain under Thinking Out Loud

Strange Shorelines

Torrents flow and carve through stone
Creating valleys that shape our world
Tsunamis’ of potential are waiting to crest,
in the waves of emotion, I swim in

Treading water is not my chosen style
But I feel as if I have been holding my breath
The undercurrents have had me in some trouble
But the waters clearing, as the storms recede

There are times I think I might drown
I am submerged and slowly sinking
There is nothing for me to hold onto,
even though my weightless arms reach out

The underwater rivers have a pull on my soul
They seek my company on the dark nights
They seek my advice in the cold depths
They wait for the last of the bubbles to rise

The desire to sleep can be strong and alluring
But the desire to inhale is growing
My legs are instructed to kick
My arms and hands push the water behind me

I rise

I break the surface between doubt & hope
The surface tension that grades then & now
The calm horizon that is unseen from below
The abundance of light that does not penetrate the deep

I inhale

The sea is calm, and I float & breathe with ease
I came from the water long ago, but I live here no more
I am moved by a different current towards an unrecognised shoreline
I stand on strange land and watch the tide go out

The receding tide whispers…

“Adiós, por ahora amigo”

‘Farewell, for now, my friend’

Each time this happens I must reorient
For the shoreline is strange, but I know I belong
I have to find my way back to me
Find my way back home

Back in my own self, I awake from my inner journey
Voices of life, silent just a moment ago, increase in volume
I am unsure if anyone noticed I had gone
They are so busy just being them

I feel as if I have shifted dimensions

I casually glance at myself to see the soaked clothing
I am dry, and yet I can still feel the wetness all over me
My wet dry skin goosebumps from the breeze of the day
“Are you ok?” someone is aware I am here…

I have been seen

“Yes, fine thanks, why?” I answer to throw them off the scent
“Nothing really, you just seemed miles away”
I was, I was bloody drowning, and all alone” is what you don’t say
“I’ll send you a postcard next time”, is what you do say, and laugh

How can time be so elastic?

You spend a few moments to ensure everyone assumes all is normal
You excuse yourself and head for the bathroom
You look at yourself in the mirror and know that the journey was real
Both of you know it was real…!

You turn on the tap and cup water to your face
Although soft now, it whispers to you again

“Hasta pronto amiga”

‘See you soon friend

Your reflection also smiles the knowing smile of reluctant acceptance
You finish and dry your hands, take a deep breath
The deep breath pushes your shoulders back and raises your head
You feel better, you feel here & you feel now
The world awaits your presence and your input

You await its response

Why do whispers hold only secrets?
Even ones you don’t want to keep
Why does that other place in your mind need to speak
And why does it speak with your voice

The solitude of looking across a glass ocean
The temptation to test the solidity of the surface
The endless horizon that haunts your soul
The conscious effort to stand and appreciate the view

For I am the explorer of strange shorelines

© Iain Merchant 2020

One thought on “Strange Shorelines”

  1. Chris Frank says:

    …quite the emotional journey…

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