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Posted on 30 November 2020 by Iain under Thinking Out Loud


Revolutions, nocturnal strides
Bringing darkness, cold and tides
One-third of the time is passed in its keep
The expansion of time, the clocks hands slow sweep

The darkness concealing evil deeds
Shadows casting the nightmares seeds
Wind moaning as if in terrible pain
Bedcovers used as a defence in vain

As nights cold fingers steal across the land
Casting their shadows across the warmest sand
The light is stolen from our eyes and our hearts
Another painful wait for the souls’ sustenance starts

With good fortune, we spend this part of our existence in sleep
For left awake this time our heart may weep
But should insomnia punish us and keep us from rest
The darkness will keep us from being our best

But at last from the sky, we’re rewarded with light
On this earth, there can truly be no better sight
Than the rays of the sun as her fires light the day
Against the power of her rays, the night holds no sway

As she bathes us in the glory that sets our mind free
We awake with no memory of the fears you cannot see
Our potential increased just because of her glow
Our confidence returning to the days light that we know

Just as we need water, we also need light
Our fears are enhanced and distorted by night
To witness her rebirth is each morning’s new prize
As we are the waking offspring of each new sunrise

© Iain Merchant 2004

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