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The Path

Posted on 19 December 2020 by Iain under Thinking Out Loud

The Path

Powdered sentiment dispersed by the winds
Meaningful truths wrapped around like new skin
Vibrations of the soul are sent out on one frequency
Transmitters & receivers sharing space and time

Alone is only a physical concept
Together eternally for the sharers of souls
Home is your heart’s truth
Your heart’s truth is ‘home’

Certainty of transcendent love
Significance of this rarest of gifts
Honesty is the light of the soul
Language of the world is whispered

Whispers are shouts to the true listeners
Expressions are paragraphs of explored meanings
Open arms of the heart, proximity in the senses
Topography holds no power over synchronistic conviction

Hold me

Heal me

Hear me

Time is a construct that holds no sway over truth
Speak your truth in the silent language of the world
Be your truth in the love you offer openly
Vulnerability is your strength to those that matter

Fold me

Feel me

Know me as you know yourself
I am your heart, reflected in the rivers of time

Wake with me each dawn and feel complete,
yet with much still to accomplish

Offer an index finger to be held with love,
whilst sleep submerges you with bliss

Tomorrow will find you soon enough
Yesterday will never leave you
Only today do you have the now

Feel my hand gently run down your face
Safety of soul guaranteed
In the twilight of day see my shadow envelop
Feel the heat of my heart warm your truth

I exist where you choose me to be
Realities are flexible at the deepest level of self
Know me for I am with you, and shall always be
Use me, for that is my legend and purpose

Truth has no need of ‘Geography’ or ‘Distance’ in soul speak
Time is a measure that makes no sense to the heart
No language will ever accurately define the truth of a soul
Important truths are simply known, not spoken

Search for me in the silence of the night
Seek me out in the spaces between thoughts
Catch me out of the corner of your eye, when I fill your mind
Hear me in the whisper of a summer breeze
Feel my warmth on the coldest of days

The fire inside has an eternal fuel source
That cannot be extinguished by any man-made construct
The physics of quantum connections are known but not understood
We are in awe of that which we feel & know

Explanations are folly
Acceptance is all
Gratitude is healthy
Reverence is wise

Turn up the volume and show your true colours

Live in the light that you own
Speak with your voice through the soul of the world
Send out your vibrations in search of those who share your frequency

Resonate and dissonate with the truth that you live
Connect and disconnect as is in line with your path
Some will shield their eyes because you are too bright
Others will Bask in the radiance you provide and feed…

Occasionally some will join you and add their light to your own
These are your fellow travellers, and you will know them immediately
For although you needed to meet them, you have always known them in your soul

And you will know them for the rest of time

You have only one true focus

Walk the path that you own


own the path that you walk…

© Iain Merchant 2020

One thought on “The Path”

  1. Chris Frank says:

    …a journey of one’s destiny…

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