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The Sad Truth About Politics

Posted on 4 December 2019 by Iain under Thinking Out Loud

We should all face the truth…

They all knowingly Lie; Misinform; Mislead; Use statistics disingenuously in order to support whatever point they are trying to make; Shamelessly sell these lies to the public in order to serve their own ambitions, and the list could go on, but I’m sure you got the point!

Let me enter a caveat at this point – I accept wholeheartedly that there are some Politicians of impeccable honour who do none of these things and would, therefore, be offended by what I have said, as it would seem to attack their personal integrity, so here’s my answer to those of you that fit into this category.

You knowingly and willingly work in a system that is as corrupt as I have described above and, as far as I am aware, you do not bring those that lie as I have suggested out into the public with proof to remove them from public office. Why is that I wonder? I would guess that one of the main reasons is that there are so many of them that fall under the ‘Liar’ heading you wouldn’t know where to start, and your minority status as an ‘Honest’ politician would not help your cause. But these then means that by your actions, whatever your excuse, you are effectively condoning this level of corruption and dishonesty and for that you have absolutely no defence because you’re taking your wages and expenses from the public purse too…

By the way, the level of lies, misinformation and corruption that exist means that any politician claiming their ‘good intentions’ as an excuse is blown out of the water as utter bullshit!

This image pretty much sums up the integrity of many politicians

Having said that, and I hope we are all pretty much in agreement here, how stupid are we as the general public for lapping it up and giving any credence to the crap that comes out of their mouths – we are being royally had, ladies and gentleman.

We are being sold the line that we live in a democracy where, and this bit is true, people worked hard and risked a great deal to not only give us all a vote but maintain for us all the actual freedom to vote. Yes, they did and once upon a time those hardships were honoured by your vote actually meaning something…

Regardless of your choice for in or out in the 2016 EU Referendum, the truth is that a majority of the public, in one of the largest turnouts ever, voted to leave the EU.

So irrespective of whether you think that was the right choice or not, in a democracy where your vote actually counted for something, that would be accepted as an instruction to move ahead and complete the task given, and in fact, that’s exactly what any decent politician taking their wages from the public purse should have seen that result as – an instruction to get the will of the people done.

But no, what it became instead was something very different… Proof that your freedom to vote that so many people died for 75 years ago means absolutely nothing, and is quite literally not worth the ballot paper it was written on.

I have finally come to a very sad conclusion

I have a proposition to move things forward in a more open way so that those of us who wish to continue playing the role of “I really do live in a democracy, honestly I do”, can do so with a more open level of understanding about what their vote may indeed usher in.

Badges of Honour

The recent remembrance of so many lives lost in fighting for freedom in Europe 75 years ago made me think of all those medals won due to heroic and often fatal acts of courage on behalf of those that lived before us and many of us that live now and should be benefiting from their courage. Those medals/badges stood for something to be truly proud of and were worn (quite rightly) with pride.

When I was growing up I was taught that doing things right could earn you recognition in badge form that I could be proud of too. I can remember being really chuffed when my mum was sewing on a new badge.

Self-worth is no bad thing because somebody had checked I had actually done something properly and completely before I earned the badge.

Nowadays the only time I see badges on people is not to mark their achievements though, it is generally to inform me of which Brands they are sponsored by.

The sad thing is that this isn’t there just so that I am informed about who is sponsoring my favourite driver or Snooker player etc. It is because marketing professionals know that psychologically speaking, we will assume that if a particular brand is sponsoring someone we like, we are more likely to buy that brand because we think the sportsperson being sponsored (who we like), obviously like that brand themselves because they are endorsing it lol!

I had to put the lol, because when you break down what is really happening here, how sad and gullible are we????

Anyway, back to my proposal for better Government in future. My question really is do you actually know who are supporting these people financially?

I think two significant laws should be passed for future politicians to be able to take a wage from the public purse and to ply their trade of well-articulated non-answers, misleading statements and general day to day lying

1. I think that they should all be forced to wear ‘sponsorship badges’ so that we can better see where their true interests lay, and therefore be better informed about what they are likely to really focus on if we vote them into office.

2. I think that they should all be required to take a lie detector test and, as it will have been paid for by the public, the full questionnaire and results, along with expert analysis should be made public for all to have free access to.

There is one hypothetical question that just has to be asked though…

“Would you lie too if you were a Politician?”

I found an interesting article on this very question that you might want to read:

Personally due to the current state of affairs around Brexit, and (in my opinion), to absolute ‘two fingers’ they are effectively giving all those people who fought 75 years ago by not honouring a majority vote, I am just about done with politics and voting, as I don’t actually believe my vote counts in reality anymore…

I hope that I am proved wrong and I hope that you are less disillusioned than me.

Let’s see what the future brings

Best wishes

Iain Merchant

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