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Yesterday is Ashes

Posted on 20 March 2021 by Iain under Thinking Out Loud

Yesterday is Ashes

Gone, passed, spent, history
To be remembered, celebrated or mourned,
recalled, recounted, revisited, revered, reviled,
distorted, embellished, demonised & made legend!

All of these options are available and, in the reality of life,
different people will choose differing paths

Yesterday is ashes…

Ashes flitter away on the wind with their gossips attached, and once flying, they cannot be collected back in – such is the perverted nature of gossip!

It doesn’t need to be true, in fact, pure and simple truths are a bit too tame for a good piece of gossip. Something with a surprising or, better still, salacious twist, will be much more engaging…

Yesterday is ashes…

The spreaders of gossip lap it up like dehydrated vile creatures at a river’s edge, with a thirst they can’t quench!

Once they leave the river, their soul purpose in life is to poison the ears, minds and hearts of all they can, with no mind for truth or any such notion of propriety

You know some of these people by




                                                              The Mirror!

Yesterday is ashes…

Today your fire burns brightly with your thoughts & actions, creating the ashes for tomorrows vultures

Tomorrow’s wood is being piled in readiness through your desires and plans.

Yesterday is ashes… and the breeze lively

© Iain Merchant 2021

2 thoughts on “Yesterday is Ashes”

  1. Chris Frank says:

    …very thoughtful, sinister…

  2. Raffles says:

    Yes sinister and deep

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