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Posted on 8 January 2021 by Iain under Thinking Out Loud
Awakening Poem

Out of place
Discordant timing
Dissonance with most
Crowds are not for me

Solitude is a preference
A cast of two my ideal play
So much to say to the right ones
So little to say to the rest

Platitudes pass for conversation
Forgettable snippets of speech
No interest in pointless small talk
Futile meanderings of wasted breath

The feeling of being alone is heightened in a crowd
Most cannot see past themselves to see you
This cloak of invisibility is a rare gift
You retreat there gladly, & often

Should I not have been here in a different age
Should I not have a different part in the play
I know my value, and I can read yours too
You cannot see mine, you don’t really know me

You know who you think I am
Even though I have told you different
You see only what you can understand
And you do not understand me

Painful pitch of crystal shards

             Agonising tear of hope ripped from the soul

                          Crippling fear of being completely alone

                                       Mask of serenity

                                                    Voice of positivity

                                                                 Hurting healer

                                                                          Considered confident

                                                                                     Assumed okay







We are not in the shadows but are happy in shade
We have a long echo & touch souls’ as we go
We are soul wise and speak earth’s tongue
We have the deepest love, for those that can feel

We keep the dark at bay, in our fight for the light
Warriors of the heart in the mask of normality
We stand long at our guard posts, with keen eyes
We listen carefully & will hear more than is said

We have many names, some you may know
Loner, sensitive & old soul are some
We are connected to the soul of the world
And we feel the pain caused by our species
Through the oppression of truth & love

One day there will be a reckoning
One day we will find each other
One day we will stand for our truth
One day our collective power will be known

So-called history is the story of victors
The vanquished are not asked to write pages
Cultural appropriation is at the root of all cultures
We are not pure breeds, stop fooling yourselves

We are shared histories and shared blood
We are one race with many tongues
We are destined to repeat mistakes we do not learn from
We are a reflection of our thinking & attitudes

The cacophony of life can weigh heavy in the ears of the woken
The misguided hate so easily, and it  makes me weep
But never mistake my care & kindness for weakness
Nor my silence for ignorance or acceptance

My love is my strength
My hope is my armour
My fortitude is my weapon
My soul is my energy source

Maybe we each have one wing, and need another to fly
Then I will wait for an eternity to find my matching feathers
For then my heart will sing in the language of the world
The notes not yet penned by composers

I will experience the sleep of the truly loved
The love of the truly blessed
The blessings of the connected souls
The explosion of understanding of life

Warriors of the light
Stand guard and keep watch
For we are few, but we are mighty

We are…

Sensitive & Powerful

Alone & United

Questions & Answers

Synonyms & Antonyms

Light & Dark

Lost & Found

Right & Wrong


© Iain Merchant 2020

3 thoughts on “Awakening”

  1. Chris Frank says:

    …the very essence of being…

  2. Aletheia says:

    “One day there will be a reckoning
    One day we will find each other
    One day we will stand for our truth
    One day our collective power will be known”

    Today, is the day. We are awake & we shall reunite on this mightiest day. We shall be the voice, for the crowd has been silent. We know the need & the wish. Dear Old Soul, this is a calling to you; find your way home.

    This shall be the piece of welcoming the soul, thank you Iain.. Thank you for the eternity.

    1. Iain says:

      Thank you, Aletheia

      I agree that there will be a reckoning one day where we will stand for our truth…

      I hope it’s soon


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