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Posted on 17 February 2021 by Iain under Thinking Out Loud


Some people flow through life with ease
Riding in the slipstream of their forebears
It is always calm in the eye of the storm
Never buffeted by the maelstrom outside their bubble

The rest of us must navigate the weather systems of the world
The hail, monsoons, and tempests that life offers up
We must walk straight into the wind
Bent so far forward we are unable to see what’s ahead

Hanging on tight to what we love
For fear we might have it torn from our grasp

Legs burning from the strain

Face machine-gunned by sharp stinging rain

Soaked to the skin and getting colder

Survival of life as you know it at stake

No sign of a break in the storm
Every step is a choice and a fight
Every rest a loss of time
Time is precious and perishable

The best thinking lessons are about attitude

Attitudes are either chosen or excepted

Attitudes do not guarantee outcomes

Attitudes do guarantee your approach

Your thinking shapes your impact in this world
Defines how smooth your passage will be
Do you create many vortexes wherever you go?
Or do you glide in a contoured fashion through this space

Are you sleek but never slick
Frictionless rather than fractious
Silky but never sickly
Smooth rather than smug

Attitudes, not platitudes are what is needed
Thinking with humility and sharing knowledge
Inviting all to see what you see
Sharing all that you understand for free

Ubuntu has a meaning for you

This is no secret to keep to yourself
Let the world know the simple truth
Learning will allow you to shape your form
Every single day one truth is paramount

The attitude you choose totally determines your…

Coefficient of Drag

© Iain Merchant

One thought on “CoD”

  1. Chris Frank says:

    …battle against yourself…

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