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Posted on 1 May 2021 by Iain under Thinking Out Loud


A collaboration of similar minds
A host of exhausted party planners
A reciprocity of ‘paid in kind’
A consideration of impeccable manners

A chasm of travellers drawn to the bridge
A flash of photographers clicking
A silhouette of walkers atop of the ridge
A separation of anything sticking

A moment of watchmakers checking the time
A wound of surgeons repairing
A shout of performers acting in mime
A blind of people just staring

A blade of spoon makers selling their wares
A bowl of plate spinners, spinning
A terror of dare takers, taking their dare’s
A loss of winners, still winning

A float of submariners under the waves
A flame of ice skaters skating
A disbelief of churchgoers standing in knaves
A solo of people out dating

A nonsense of intellects boosting their brains
A passive of warmongers, warring
A static of commuters catching their trains
A home of explorers exploring

A shade of sun-worshippers boosting their tans
A covert of extroverts laughing
A confidence of worriers wringing their hands
A stagnation of dancers choreographing

A stillness of movers gyrating their limbs
A movement of statues in town
A silence of singers projecting their hymns
A smoothness of furrows that frown

A welcome of enemies baying for blood
A sentence of words never spoken
A dryness of rivers threatening to flood
A repair full of things never broken

A wallet of poverty felt by the poor
A fullness of nothing to show
A reduction of things, for which you want more
A lacking of all that you know

A torment of lovers
A waking of dreams
A sisterhood of brothers
A dehydration of streams

A candor of lies
A falsehood of truth
A myopia of eyes
A senility of youth

A mutuality of the individual
A mass collection of the lost
A necessary of residual
A retribution of a cost

A yesterday of tomorrows
A comfort of pain
A gladness of sorrows
A madness of sane

A concealment of exhibits
A weakness of effective
A facilitation that inhibits
A division of collective

© Iain Merchant 2020

One thought on “Collective”

  1. Chris Frank says:

    …inexplicably ingeniously explained…

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