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Go Like Water – Come Like Water

Posted on 12 December 2020 by Iain under Thinking Out Loud

Su gibi git – Su gibi gel
Go Like Water
Come Like Water

Life ebbs and flows

The ripples and tides of emotion blending our souls

The sanctuary of immersion

The desolation of absence

The remorse of loss

The emptiness of sorrow

The sadness for those missing

The warmth from those present

The hope for those yet to come

The sense of frictionless motion

The unimaginable weight of the source

 The desperate cries of the thirsty

The lonesome voice of the lost

 The welcome as you greet the shore

The heavy heart as you recede

The failure to respect you at all times

The joy of your cool touch on the lips

 The memories of your embrace

Replenish by bathing in your aura

 Consoled by your existence

Increased by your presence

Bereft when you are gone

Renewed by your return

You are the major part of me

I am only me because of you

Meaningful life without you simply does not exist

Life with you is the only goal

To honour you is the mission

To sense you is the dream

To watch you leave, and feel only the anticipation of your return, which will, when it happens, make me whole again

Iain Merchant ©2020

One thought on “Go Like Water – Come Like Water”

  1. Chris Frank says:

    …the ebb and flow of life itself…

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