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In – visible

Posted on 21 November 2021 by Iain under Thinking Out Loud


In the heart of a furnace

There is unbearable heat

In the heart of space

There is unbearable cold

In the heart of a sunrise

There is unbearable brightness

In the heart of a shadow

There is unbearable darkness

In the heart of the truly lonely

There is unbearable sadness

Yet this seemingly endless sadness is in-visible it would seem!

All you seem to see








You can discuss your troubles and concerns, and always receive a thoughtful, considered response with your best interests at heart.

You see what you need, and you receive what you wanted, and of course, what you expected.

You do not see my need, for you are focused on yours…

You do not feel my pain, because you are describing yours…

You do not hear my cry, because you are listening to your own voice…

You do not touch my soul, because you are expressing yours…

You do not sense my struggle because, I am practised at hiding it, and you are not practised and looking too far beyond your assumption that I am alright…

After all, I am always alright     –     Right!

I am here, and I am drowning!

And, as much as I want to help everyone I can, I am genuinely running out of resources…

Yet, it would seem that I am destined to remain, In-visible

© Iain Merchant 2021

One thought on “In – visible”

  1. Chris Frank says:

    …coping unseen, such strength of solace…

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