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It’s Time

Posted on 27 July 2021 by Iain under Thinking Out Loud

It’s Time

Heartfelt hopes dashed on the altar of dreams
Significant wishes shattered on the shoreline of reality
Specific goals destroyed in the furnace of truth
Life’s dreams annihilated in the whirlwinds of time

Recalibration looks like procrastination
The well of despair that surrounds a lack of achievement
Joy becomes just a word rather than an experience
Self-worth transcends into history and fades

You simply can’t fail if you never attempt anything
Starting is easy, finishing is the key to learning
Learning is the key to growth
Growth is experienced through achievement

Don’t pay lip service to the process
So, you fell over last time – so what!
Stand up, brush yourself off and go again
This time, whatever happens,
go further than you did before… minimum!

If you aren’t going to adopt that attitude, you have failed already…

There is no maybe

There is no might do

There is one day

There is no try

You are either going to do it or you’re not
Each of those outcomes exists on a different road
Stop hanging out at the junction pretending
Choose a road and walk it

You have a thousand excuses
You know them all so well
Because they are always available when you want them,
you think they are your friends…

You are deluding yourself
But it is clear to all others
These liars you call on are not your friends
They do no serve you or have your best interests at heart!

They are deflectors, deniers and deceivers
They do not want you to grow or achieve
They desire one thing, and one thing only
To keep you exactly where you are – deluded

They fear losing their control over you
They use fear to keep you placated in mediocrity
They keep you craving the commonplace
They entice you with the ordinary
They convince you that near enough, is good enough

Truth is; it never is, never was and never will be!

Do you have the courage to break free of your own lies?
Do you truly want to experience more?
Do you want to fill your time with something of value?
Do you want to step up to the podium of experience?
Do you want to feel what you have asked for repeatedly?
Do you want to use your latent abilities rather than imprison them?
Do you want to achieve in action, that which you say in words?
Do you want to prove your words have meaning and value?
Do you want to honour your commitments?

Do you?


Would you rather just pretend?
Would you rather accept your own lies?
Would you rather relinquish your future to untruths?
Would you rather other people know your words have no follow-through?
What you say is not what you mean, and what you mean, is not what you say?

How much do you really value the importance of keeping your word?

Doing nothing, doing something and doing the right thing at the right time, will all generate results…

The first two will generally keep you in the cycle of failure because they are neither focused nor pragmatic

Only the latter will drive you forwards, increase your learning and understanding, produce achievements and self-worth, along with the enthusiasm and motivation to repeat the process to experience the joy again!

This truth requires no long drawn out thinking, which is simply a pathway to avoidance and deflection…

This truth requires only action, diligence and commitment to finish the process, and the rest, amazingly, will simply take care of itself…

Now you know this, there is only one other piece of information you will ever need


© Iain Merchant 2021

One thought on “It’s Time”

  1. Chris Frank says:

    …only time will tell the truth…

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