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The Walk

Posted on 23 October 2021 by Iain under Thinking Out Loud

The Walk

We toddle when we’re toddlers
We shuffle when we’re old
We strut it when we’re modellers
We stride when we’re being bald

We tiptoe when we’re sneaking
We stomp when we’re mad
We run when we’re leaking
We swagger when we’re bad

We trudge when we’re tired
We amble when we’ve time
We prowl when we’re wired
We hike in order to climb

We traipse when it’s a distance
We roam when on adventure
We trek when there’s resistance
We have a gait that is our nature

We march if there’s a rhythm
We wander when there’s not
We limp when there’s a schism
We trot when to it we’re hot

We saunter when there’s simply no rush
We jog when we’re low on time
We tread carefully when there are eggshells to crush
We seem to float when feeling sublime

We promenade when showing off our pride
We wend our way when the urgency’s low
We stalk when we’re trying to hide
We troop at a military show

You check the mood of the dude by the weight in the gait, and for a dudess just watch like a hawk
It’s all about whether they’re walking the walk, or like so many, just talking the talk!

© Iain Merchant 2021  

One thought on “The Walk”

  1. Chris Frank says:

    …easy strider…

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